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Gebrüder Steffen GMBH

Traditionally, in addition to wines from the Central Mosel region, selected wines from the surrounding regions are also produced and marketed. In doing so, great importance is placed on quality and sustainability.

Several times a year Hans and Roman Steffen travel to the surrounding locations to meet and exchange information with the experienced grape producers. They also evaluate the vineyards and discuss common measures for maintaining them. These activities enable Weinhaus Gebrüder Steffen to intervene early on in the complex wine preparation process and achieve the best possible results.


The family is the centre point. This has been the maxim of the Steffen family for many generations. When Johann Steffen starting winegrowing in 1794 in Trittenheim, it was only possible with the help of his family. The first bottled wines around 1910 showed promising results. Decades later, in 1945, when the company needed building up again, the brothers Johann and Peter Steffen remembered the maxim and laid the foundation stone for the family company Gebrüder Steffen, which is still going strong today.


Hans and Roman Steffen are currently working together as a complementary father-son team to safeguard the future of the wine business for the next generation.


With the help of modern analysis methods, which guarantee permanent control during the wine preparation process, we are able to produce wines of the highest quality. In our air conditioned wine cellars, the selected wines are stored until maturity and turned into wines of outstanding quality through the skills and expertise of the cellarmaster. The process is completed with the bottling and labelling of the mature wines. We have an extensive storage area and our own logistics department, guaranteeing European and global deliveries at short notice.