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Pierre Bubbly Dry

Tasting Note: The nose opens with intense aromatic notes. On the palate it is fresh, thirst-quenching and pleasantly dry. After swallowing, it leaves a long and marked aromatic flavor in the mouth.

Gastronomy: Perfect to serve with aperitifs or light vegetable or fish appetizers, it is excellent in combination with typical Japanese dishes such as sushi and raw fish.

Country – Lithuania
Capacity – 500ml
Alcohol content – 6.9% abv
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XO resealable tab
XO resealable cap
XO resealable tab
If the can has not been opened before, the tamper-proof band remains unbroken on top of the XO Pull Tab.
During the initial opening, the
Tamper-Proof Band is broken by
lifting the XO Pull Tab.
After relocking the can, the XO
Tamper-Proof Band disappears
behind the XO Pull Tab.
This new can features a resealable tab! Perfect for beach days and picnics, environmentally friendly cuts down on plastic bottles. Enjoy the cool can feel while keeping your drink bubbly and fresh, no need to rush through your refreshment.
XO resealable cap
Now the tab is open and you can drink your beverage.